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Papervision3D05/04/2009 18:31

Papervision3D Special at LFPUG

March 30, 2009 by C4RL05

The London Flash Platform User Group affectively known as LFPUG will host a PV3D evening on April 30th 2009 with two sessions.

  • Papervision3D, Simplified - Seb Lee-Delisle
    Finally! Realtime 3D in Flash is taking off and there has never been more demand for 3D games, apps and websites. And naturally, with such a powerful library comes somewhat of a steep learning curve. This session will cover how to create 3D objects in code, import them from other 3D apps and even make a simple game.
  • We Make. You Enjoy - Carlos Ulloa
    Dive deep into the third dimension with the creator of Papervision3D and discover the secrets behind his latest interactive 3D experience, HelloEnjoy.com. This session will focus on the techniques, workflow and planning necessary to overcome the creative and technical challenges of real time 3D in Flash, giving an inside view of the entire creation process, from concept and planning, to development and art production.

Hope you can make it, enjoy the sessions and have a drink with the London Flash community. More info and registration here.

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